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Change How You
React Under Stress.

Not a placebo, nor a temporary high.

Millions have used this technique to bring on a calm confidence under stress.

Perfected Over 50 Years

Developed in the 1950's and refined, the technique has brought countless people back from confusion and conflict to health, happiness and success.

True Relief

With this exercise, you can learn to become objective and disentangled from troublesome thoughts, emotions, heartaches and traumatic memories.

Healthier Relationships

This unique meditation diminishes your response to persons or things, starving the roots of unfounded fears and opening up a whole new world of understanding.

Meet Roy Masters, the author of the exercise. 

The guided meditation is the result of six decades of work and development by stress expert Roy Masters, who at 88 still hosts the longest-running counseling program in talk radio’s history, on the air continuously since 1961. 

Hear what others think about the Antidote:


Hate to think where I would be if I hadn't heard Roy on the radio 10 years ago. He has provided me with a toolbox for life, and it has improved every aspect of my life. The journey forward is brighter than before. Thank you.

— Kevin S.


This is not a gimmick or a toy. If you truly want to 'stop the madness' in your life when dealing with people (or your own past haunting memories,) this is the way to do it.

— Review on Amazon


I seriously probably wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you through the years. Your meditation got me through many years of difficulty by helping me find the truth. Thank you.

— Kathleen K.

How should I begin?

Start by following the audio at the top of this website twice a day. In time, you will be able to perform the technique without the audio. The author, Roy Masters, is available for advice on his call-in radio show; call Roy weeknights from 6-8pm Pacific time: 1-800-866-8883.

Who's behind the website?

This website is provided by the Foundation of Human Understanding. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Oregon. You can reach our staff and volunteers at 1-800-877-3227 or by writing to PO Box 1000, Grants Pass, OR 97528.

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