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Change How You React Under Stress.

Be calm in the face of stress.

Millions have used this technique to bring on a calm confidence under stress.

Perfected Over 50 Years

Developed in the 1950's and refined, the technique has brought countless people back from confusion and conflict to health, happiness and success.

True Relief

With this exercise, you can learn to become objective and disentangled from troublesome thoughts, emotions, heartaches and traumatic memories.

Healthier Relationships

This unique meditation diminishes your response to persons or things, starving the roots of unfounded fears and opening up a whole new world of understanding.

Meet Roy Masters, the author of the exercise. 

The guided meditation is the result of six decades of work and development by stress expert Roy Masters, who at 87 still hosts the longest-running counseling program in talk radio’s history, on the air continuously since 1961. 

What our users are saying:

“I thought it would be yet another 'do this...blah, blah, blah, do that...' type of thing, but it is not. It gets to the root of YOUR problem and teaches you how to change your way of dealing with stressful situations. This is not a gimmick or a toy. If you truly want to 'stop the madness' in your life when dealing with people (or your own past haunting memories) this is the way to do it.”


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“The effect is momentous but very subtle. If you do the meditation twice a day for a few weeks or so, you may at first notice the effects in your abdomen and solar plexus - a relaxed feeling there. The meditation has cut the hypnotic ties between you and your mundane concerns and put you in much closer touch with something more profound.”


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How do I get started?

Start using the short audio found at the top of this website, twice a day. Once you begin to understand the technique, you can continue to perform it without the audio. If the short version has you intrigued, listen to Roy's long-perfected guided audio called, "Be Still and Know", available below.

Can I get advice about a problem?

Yes - Roy Masters has been hosting his talk radio program, Advice Line Radio, for over 50 years. Call him at 1-800-866-8883 from 6-9pm PT (9-midnight ET).

Is there other audio?

The 7 minute audio is only a taste of Roy Masters' extended exercise, "Be Still and Know". There are other exercises, but we recommend starting with that one. There are links to buy below, or call our office at 1-800-877-3227. Roy Masters has also authored several books, available on Amazon.

Why isn't the extended version free?

Your purchases and donations support our non-profit and keep it going so we can continue to reach those in need. If you are unable to pay, please phone our office: 1-800-877-3227.

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